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The Team @ Pogo Pulse

Barton Williams B.T/B.Ed

Director – Pogo Pulse

As a former national sporting champion, educator and passionate advocate for active lifestyles, Barton saw the National Bounce Back Day Pogo-thon as the perfect opportunity for children and adults to raise the awareness of bouncing back and being resilient to the challenging times that life may present us with.

Originally from Adelaide, South Australia, though now a permanent resident of Sydney, New South Wales – Barton brings a wealth of life experience to his name.

With a Bachelor of Education & Teaching, and as a former professional water skier, surf lifesaver and a martial artist, Barton has an array of high-level specialty skills that have allowed him to fulfil his passion and expertise in pogo stick riding and education.

What once started as a novel means of cross-training, Barton has since committed years into the theory, practical and teaching of pogo stick riding.

In addition,  Barton is a published children’s author and producer of kids TV show, both of which demonstrates his clear passion towards teaching children about social skills.

Barton is proud to be the dynamic author and founder of Pogo Pulse™, which he sees as an evolving sport or pastime, that not only develops children and adults in specific physiological skills, but also develops social emotional skills such as goal setting, self esteem and resilience – all of which are important skills to have in everyday life.

When Barton is not jumping on a pogo, he spends his time with his family, friends and his pet dog, Darius.