Pogo Pulse benefits both students and schools

The Pogo Pulse Method of instruction aims to promote Pogo Stick riding as a lifetime fun activity for health.

The comprehensive, and progressive, learning program provides children and adults with a structured program, which will enable them to successfully and safely ride a Pogo Stick.

What are the BENEFITS from being involved with Pogo Pulse?

  • Builds resilience and goal setting in all school students
  • Teaches new skills to students no matter what their age or sporting ability
  • Strengthens the local school community

Why should YOUR SCHOOL participate in the Pogo Pulse program?

  • Benefits children both physiologically & mentally
  • Your school can participate in a National fundraising initiative for beyondblue
  • There is no financial risk to the school by joining the program

In turn, riders will benefit from the physiological benefits of pogo stick riding such as proprioception, muscular endurance, cardio vascular endurance and core strength, which can all be utilised across any chosen sport.

Get your Pogo Pulse Program & get your school jumping today!

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“St Peters Public School first heard about Pogo Pulse in Term 1 of 2015. We were intrigued by this innovative and incredible fun way of expressing support for the beyond blue foundation.

Depression is a real but often dismissed area of mental illness and the school was happy to support any initiative designed to raise awareness. Pogo Pulse did not disappoint.

Led by Barton Williams, the initiative included our years 3 and 4 preparing for a pogo-thon to be held at neighbouring partner school Tempe Public School. The kids all loved the challenge to pogo for as long as possible and some even became tricksters on the pogo stick.

Our pogo team went to the pogo-thon and joined the other students from other schools. For a whole hour they pogo’ed for beyond blue. Suffice to say it was an incredible experience. It was hot and knees were becoming chaffed and fluid levels low.

Pogopulse is about bouncing back and building resilience to the difficulties of life and in that hour all the students did just that. The sense of achievement at the conclusion was immense and went to illustrate how important it is to persevere and bounce back from adversity.

We’ll be up for putting a team in for 2016 and look forward to the challenge.”

Neil Lavitt – Teaching Principal, St Peters Public School